Since 1950…

Our Law Firm’s roots dates back to 31st of January 1950, this is the date Att. Hayrettin Bıçakcı was duly admitted to practice as an attorney and started practicing his profession in his own firm. After a short practice period in Ankara, Deceased Att. Hayrettin Bıçakcı moved his office to Istanbul and carried his profession in here over fifty years with great success. Dr. Levent Bıçakcı followed his father and studied law in Istanbul Law Faculty where he also worked as a lecturer after graduation. In 1980, he was also admitted to Istanbul Bar Association and continued his career as an attorney together with his father.
In 1997, Att. Dr. Levent Bıçakcı incorporated “Bıçakcı & Tanverdi Law Firm” together with his partner Att. Dr. Mücahit Tanverdi whom was a dear friend of him from Istanbul’s most prestigious high school, Istanbul Boys’ High School. Bıçakcı & Tanverdi Law Firm carried Att. Hayrettin Bıçakcı’s success to an international level. In a short time, the Law Firm become one of country’s leading firms. Following Att. Dr. Mücahit Tanverdi’s untimely passing away, Dr. Bıçakcı continued his career under the name of Dr. Levent Bıçakcı Law Firm. With the joining of Att. Hayrettin Can Bıçakcı to the team on 2006 as the third generation lawyer of the family, our Firm represents a law tradition of 70 years with three generation lawyers from the same family.
We are a full-service law firm, active in both national litigation area and international level consultancy area. Our Firm give legal service to numerous of national and international institutions with its highly esteemed expert legal team. In addition to its expert legal team, our Firm is also working in collaboration with professors from university and combining the knowledge of academia with knowledge of case law. Our Firm’s reputation is also acknowledged by numerous of foreign consulates and international institutions. Our office is on the list of recommended law firms of the German Consulate General and Turkish-German Trade Office, Consulate General of Switzerland and Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Consulate General of Denmark and Consulate General of Croatia.
Our Office is based on Istanbul but we are working in collaboration with local law firms in Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Antalya, Samsun, Bodrum and Tekirdağ. In this respect, we are giving service to our clients throughout the nation with local contribution. Our Firm is also working in collaboration with foreign law firms in Unites States, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.